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Discover the laws of your data

Identify Patterns

Unearth Cost Savings

Quantified Decision Making


Condition Based Monitoring

Predict Failures

Reduce Maintenance Cost

Improve Availability


We are Text-Savvy too

NLP Framework

Sentiment Analytics

BigData Friendly


We love Open Source

Reduce CAPEX


Global Best Practices

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Procurement Analytics Suite

Procurement Analytics Models

Commodity Classification

Fraud Analyzer & Data Quality

Neewee offerings

Data Sciences & Advanced Analytics

Cross Domain Analytics services using various machine learning and statistical algorithms for business solutions in the descriptive, prescriptive and predictive buckets

IoT Data Analytics

Predictive Maintenance and condition based asset monitoring analytics solutions for various IoT enabled devices with pre-built IOT specific and other machine learning algorithms using our IoT Analytics Frame-work

ATHENA - IoT Enabled Analytics Platform

A futuristic IOT enabled integrated platform for faster, smoother implementation of your enterprise Analytics Solution with repository of industry standard machine learning and other statistical algorithms

Text Analytics Solutions

NLP based useful solutions such as Entity Resolver/De-Duplicator for various master entities such as Vendor, Customer, Items, Addresses etc., Commodity Classifier, Customized Search Engine and Procurement Fraud Analyzer

Neewee Differentiators

Open Source Based Solutions to reduce CAPEX. Right from the Data Integration layer till Advanced Analytics layer, open source tool stack can be used with similar effectiveness as commercial tools

Cloud as well as on premise deployment provides unmatched flexibility giving complete control of your data as per your specifications as well providing cost effective solutions

Cross Domain Analytics Experience enables the learning to be adopted across customer base as well the best practices. This also enables faster implementations with quicker go-live

ATHENA – Our Integrated Analytics Platform ensures faster and smoother implementation. The platform accelerates your Analytics Journey using pre-built models and other accelerators

About Us

Neewee is a Bengaluru based Analytics services Company. We are a Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider across domains with specialization in Predictive Maintenance/Condition based Monitoring Solutions for Internet of Things (IoT). Our IoT enabled platform, ATHENA, simplifies the implementation of Analytics Solutions in your IT landscape. It also ensures a faster and smoother implementation with the ability to deploy solutions either on the Cloud or on premise.

ATHENA is our IoT Enabled Integrated Analytics Platform which accelerates your Analytics journey using its built-in, rapidly deployable domain specific Advanced Analytical models. The platform is highly modular in nature built with open source components to reduce your CAPEX.