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Self-Serve BI


Open Source


Business Intelligence solutions are the backbone for the decision making in the organizations. With the availability of the data for majority of the customer’s digital footprints, there is a need to integrate this information to derive tactical and strategic insights. The system should allow the end users to configure their reports based on the need in a self-serve model.

Not only the data should be available but it has to be presented in intuitive visualization to increase the usage and adaptability. Business Intelligence platforms form a bed rock to cater to this need. It not only expedites the implementations but allows you take advantage of best practices.

Neewee Analytics has an open source software based dynamic and flexible platform ATHENA which caters to all your advanced analytics needs. It can drastically reduce your implementation time and can smoothly integrate with your Analytics IT landscape. Know more about ATHENA.

BI and Visualization Services

Data Integration

Integration of data silos into staging/data mart/warehouse using proprietary as well as open source solutions with the help of accelerators


Organization wide performance management solutions used in Planning, Budgeting or customized solutions catering to pertaining requirements

Dimensional Data Modeling

Building High Performance, Dimensional, Flexible Green Field/Enhancing the existing Data Marts/Warehouses for various industry verticals

Dashboards and Reports

Tactical and Strategic Dashboards and Reporting System Design, Development and Maintenance for various industry standard as well as open source tools

Advanced Visualization

Open Source based Intuitive reporting as well as Advanced Analytics visualization solutions for custom requirements

Specialized Analytics

Domain specific Analytics in specialized areas such as Procurement, Service Management etc.



Significant Reduction in Deployment time using IoT Enabled Integrated Analytics Platform ATHENA

Ready Libraries

Open Source Visualization Libraries and Widget Repository

Data Spooling Connectors

Easy to configure readily available Data Connectors for various Data Types for easy data spooling

Domain Exposure

IoT and Manufacturing

Customer Analytics


Service Management

IT Infrastructure Management

Knowledge Management


End to End Implementation

Experience of implementation of End to End BI Solutions in various technology landscapes

Wide Domain coverage

Experience working with variety of Domains with wide spectrum of Statistical Models

Easy Deployment

Flexible deployment options. Implementations can be Cloud based as well as on Premise