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In today’s competitive business environment where data is an important asset in decision making, it is imperative for the organizations to fully utilize the potential of the business data getting generated. In order to unearth the data insights sometimes dashboards and reports are not enough.

You need various statistical algorithms and Machine Learning Algorithms to dig out the patterns which our human mind can’t infer just by looking at reports. Our service offerings have depth of experience coming out of our experience working with various customers and in-house Research and Development.

Neewee Analytics has an open source software based dynamic and flexible platform ATHENA which caters to all your advanced analytics needs. It can drastically reduce your implementation time and can smoothly integrate with your Analytics IT landscape. Know more about ATHENA.

Advanced Analytics

Descriptive Analytics

The set of Algorithms used are primarily used to understand the data better. Clustering is one of the examples

Prescriptive Analytics

Algorithms in this class provide recommendations for certain types of business problems. One of the popular examples is Market Basket Analysis

Predictive Analytics

Algorithms in these categories use probability basics to predict the outcomes. Examples can be predictions of a failure of a machine or churn of a customer

Machine Learning

These algorithms are typically employed for complex business problems. Examples are classification using Artificial Neural Network

Unstructured Text Analytics

NLP based text analytics algorithms are used to cleanse as well as derive out sentiments from business artifacts

Specialized Analytics

Analytics in specialized areas such as GIS, Image Processing and Sound to Text



Significant Reduction in Deployment time using IoT Enabled Integrated Analytics Platform ATHENA

Ready Made Models

Domain Specific Ready made model skeletons available for faster Deployment

Data Spooling Connectors

Easy to configure readily available Data Connectors for various Data Types for easy data spooling

Domain Exposure

IoT and Manufacturing

Customer Analytics


Service Management

IT Infrastructure Management

Knowledge Management


BIG Data Implementation

Experience of algorithm implementation in Big Data Environments

Wide Domain coverage

Experience working with variety of Domains with wide spectrum of Statistical Models

Easy Deployment

Flexible deployment options. Implementations can be Cloud based as well as on Premise